Professional Background

Jathan Janove in the office

Jathan is an internationally published author, including Managing To Stay Out Of Court: How To Avoid The 8 Deadly Sins Of Mismanagement, which Dr. Stephen R. Covey described as “Marvelous! Every manager will benefit immensely,” and which Richard Drezen of the Washington Post described as “an extraordinarily useful book for managers and workers.” He is also author of The Star Profile: A Management Tool To Unleash Employee Potential, Gold Medal winner, Business & Career, at Book Expo America 2009. His latest book is Hard-Won Wisdom: True Stories from the Management Trenches. NYT bestselling author and world-renowned executive coach Marshall Goldsmith states, “Read this insightful book. It contains compelling stories with specific, actionable advice that will help anyone’s career.” NYT bestselling author Daniel H. Pink states, “By sharing many of his best stories and experiences, Jathan Janove creates a short-cut for us to the knowledge needed to become an empathetic, effective leader in the workplace.”

Jathan writes the  “Are Your Employees Engaged?” blog column for Business Management Daily, and blogs on his website. A long-time contributor to HR Magazine, Jathan has been quoted in publications including the New York Times and Forbes.

Additional information about Jathan:

  • President of the Organization Development Network of Oregon.
  • Served as President/Board Chair of two other non-profit organizations, and Chief Administrative Officer of one.
  • Co-creator and moderator of the HR Specialist Summit.
  • Founded and managed a law firm, and served as an Office Managing Shareholder and Director of Employee Engagement Solutions of a large international law firm.
  • 25 years’ experience representing employers with employee relations challenges.
  • Certified executive coach (team and individual): Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching, and trained on DiSC personality styles.
  • Citizen Lawyer of the Year 2006, J. Reuben Clark Law Society, Salt Lake Chapter, and Utah State Bar Labor & Employment Lawyer of the Year, 2005.

Client Testimonials:

Keith Watts — Office Managing Shareholder, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C., Orange County, CA

“If you or your organization is looking for someone who ‘talks the talk’ and ‘walks the walk,’ Jathan Janove is your man. Jathan has a gift – a unique talent of communicating that puts people at ease, creating an environment where they can open up, be themselves and speak freely. In his work, Jathan creates a ‘safe space’ for those who want to engage – and even for those who don’t. It’s an environment filled with compassion, self-awareness and humor — where potential blind spots are revealed and people — no matter where they are in their personal or professional careers — have the opportunity to see things about themselves and others they have overlooked or never thought about before. If you want to take your folks to the next level, Jathan’s ‘Organization Solutions’ is a terrific place to start.”
Rod Lacey, 1-800 CONTACTS

Rod Lacey — Chief People Officer, 1-800 CONTACTS, Inc., Draper, UT

“Jathan’s employee engagement program is so effective at providing the essential skills vital to the success of both our new and seasoned managers that we have incorporated it into our company’s Management Development Program. The principles he teaches are absolutely essential to effective management, and his presentation style makes it extremely easy to understand and apply.”

Dan Cooper — Senior Vice President of Human Resources, American Pacific Mortgage Corporation, Roseville, CA

“Jathan has a keen ability to weave fundamental truths about leadership with real-life stories. His management training program is not only entertaining and fun, but highly applicable to the day-to-day situations managers deal with, and it provides a powerful and lasting learning experience.”
Carol Schnipper

Carol Bales Schnipper — (former) VP-HR, Citigroup, Cincinnati, OH

“In my thirty years as HR Director/VP, I have retained the services of a number of trainers. Jathan is at the top of that list. He communicates in a manner that will reach an audience of any level.”
Steve Wohlwend

Steve Wohlwend — Associate Director of Labor Relations, John Deere, Moline, IL

“Jathan Janove delivers a powerful message regarding employee engagement. Jathan is a talented speaker who provides important tips and techniques for moving employees up the engagement scale. Many speakers talk about employee engagement but don’t help managers with the tools that actually improve engagement. Jathan fills this gap.”
Steve Wohlwend

Charles B. Baldwin — Managing Director, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C., Indianapolis, IN

“I worked extensively with Jathan during his time as Office Managing Shareholder and subsequently as Director of Employee Engagement Solutions. He did an outstanding job managing our Portland office, helping us deal with some challenges while substantially growing our presence in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, his presentations, executive coaching and training work benefitted the firm both internally and externally with our clients. If you desire a highly engaged work environment, I strongly recommend contacting Jathan. ”

Markus Ceraso RPh, DO — Vice President, South Denver Anesthesiologists, P.C., Denver, CO

“Our 90-provider anesthesia practice has utilized Jathan’s expertise for leadership training on two different occasions. He prepared for hours ahead of the retreats, really getting to know the players and politics. The results were spectacular. Both times I walked away feeling like he changed me as person. Jathan’s simple but clever techniques are very effective ways to get others to buy into your positions. Essentially, he improved my ability to peacefully persuade which is an invaluable skill in a boardroom full of doctors. Post Jathan’s training, we are absolutely more effective as a leadership team. ”

Tim Hollkamp — Manager of HR, Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg., Inc., Columbus, IN

“What is most unique about Jathan is that he takes the time to understand your organization’s current condition and delivers training that enables leaders to make those immediate, positive, daily behavioral changes that are so vital to a company’s success.”

Catherine Burns — Director of HR, Gastronomy, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT

Restaurant managers are notoriously difficult subjects as, in general, they don’t like to sit still and have short attention spans. Jathan has always been able to keep their attention and they enjoy learning from him. We’ve adopted many of Jathan’s techniques, which have directly contributed to this being a better place to work.”
Monica Whalen

Monica Whalen — President & CEO, The Employers Council, Salt Lake City, UT

“Jathan Janove is an audience favorite whom I have brought back again and again. Not only is he captivating and entertaining but Jathan also teaches real-world concepts that can be immediately implemented in the workplace.”