How to Be a Better HR Leader

Leading a group up the mountain

Too often HR professionals don’t understand their employer’s operation or what really makes it tick. Gaining intimate knowledge of an employer’s business operations helps HR professionals craft effective solutions and provide valuable advice, which in turn promotes trust and collaboration between HR and employees. In this article I share insider tips from accomplished HR professionals: Ask questions, immerse yourself and be curious! Read more here.


  1. Thank you Jathan. Many years ago, as a finance manager for a pharmaceutical manufacturer, I had the opportunity to participate in a job rotation program with my peers. This allowed us to not only learn about our company and assume new responsibilities, but also to walk in others’ shoes for a time. I do miss that.

  2. That was a great article and one I could really relate to! Unfortunately, I lack confidence amongst people – Ironic that I’m HR Advisor! (1st year in my role) and it is taking me too long to “Get out of the office!” Next year I will try and spend longer with the staff on the production floor and try the packing processes that they have to endure.

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